» » » Blake & Mortimer, Mortimer and the Chronoscaphe (red jumpsuit)
Blake & Mortimer, Mortimer and the Chronoscaphe (red jumpsuit)
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Blake & Mortimer, Mortimer and the Chronoscaphe (red jumpsuit)

By Jove !!! Collection by LMZ Collectibles.
Collectible resin statue.

année d'édition
Edgar P. Jacobs
Limited edition
60 copies
34.5 cm
31.5 cm
31.5 cm
resin, metal, PU
Reference -lmzbla01b
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With this adventure, Edgar P. Jacobs plunges Professor Mortimer into a journey through time.

It is following an inheritance from Professor Miloch that Mortimer discovers in the basements of the "Bove de la Demoiselle" the Chronoscaphe, a time travelling machine.


Several generations of readers will thus follow the different jumps in time which will take Mortimer very far into the past (150,000,000 years !) or into the future in 5060.


Since The Secret of the Swordfish, the work of Edgar P. Jacobs has given pride of place to machines and other technical inventions.

For this first creation in our By Jove !!! collection, dedicated to the adventures of Blake & Mortimer, we have chosen to represent the Chronoscaphe, an incredible invention serving the designs of the Diabolical Trap set by Professor Miloch.


The Chronoscaphe is available in 2 versions:

- Mortimer (in white suit) ready to board the strange machine for his first journey (pages 5 and 6 of the album).

- Mortimer (in red overalls) installed in the cockpit (pages 59 of the album).


The black sphere of the Chronoscaphe can be opened and closed.


Digital Sculpture : Yann Berthonneau
Artistic Direction : Arnaud Tanguy

Photos : Nicolas Willmann

Packaging : Romain Diguet


French creation. Cast, assembled and painted by hand in China.



  © 2023 Editions Blake & Mortimer / Studio Jacobs (DARGAUD-LOMBARD s.a.) - LMZ Collectibles


Non-contractual visuals (Photos of the prototype).
This is not a toy. Collectible statuette intended for adult collectors.

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