» » » Johan, Peewit and the ghost of Sire Aldebert de Baufort
Johan, Peewit and the ghost of Sire Aldebert de Baufort
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Johan, Peewit and the ghost of Sire Aldebert de Baufort

Salsepareille & Cie Collection by LMZ Collectibles.
Collectible resin statue.

année d'édition
Johan 15 cm, total 18.5 cm
31 cm
26.5 cm
resin, PU
Reference -lmzjoh01
579.00 €
This product will be available in October 2024.
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For this first creation in our Salsepareille & Cie collection dedicated to Peyo's creations, it is in the album "The War of the 7 Fountains" that we looked for inspiration.


This brilliant album (remember...fountains and rivers of wine !) and perfect from start to finish introduces a striking and endearing supporting role: the ghost of Sir Aldebert de Baufort.


It is therefore quite natural that we wanted to represent the face to face between our heroes, Johan & Peewit, surprised and frightened, and Aldebert.


As long as we had a ghost on hand, we weren't going to hesitate to let him cross one of the thick walls of the castle.


And because the ghost of Aldebert normally walks in the corridors of the castle between midnight and the cockcrow (sic), you too will be able to catch a glimpse of him in the twilight. Using the magic of the witch Rachel or more simply, using phosphorescent paint...? The mystery remains complete.


Digital Sculpture: Thomas Choux / Yann Berthonneau
Artistic Direction: Arnaud Tanguy

Photos: Nicolas Willmann

Packaging: Romain Diguet


French creation. Cast, assembled and painted by hand in China.


The phosphorescent function of the ghost is a little bonus that we wanted to add to this set.

We do not guarantee luminescence as strong as in studio photos (taken with a long exposure time) and it is also possible that there will be variations from one piece to another.

No complaints regarding this point will be taken into account.



  © Peyo - 2024 - Licensed through I.M.P.S. (Brussels) - www.smurf.com - LMZ Collectibles  


Non-contractual visuals (Photos of the prototype).
This is not a toy. Collectible statuette intended for adult collectors.

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