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Vicky The Viking
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Vicky The Viking

ANIMATED! Collection.
Collectible resin statues.

année d'édition
Shuichi Seki, Chikao Katsui, Hiroshi Saito
Limited edition
90 copies
17 cm
8.5 cm
8 cm
Reference -lmzvic04
159.99 €
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Product available
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Vicky the Viking (also called Wickie) is the hero of this classic 70s animated series produced by Zuiyo Eizo and Taurus Film.

Throughout the 78 episodes of the series, Vicky accompanied by his father Halvar and their companions will live multiple adventures to discover the world. The gang of merry Vikings will have to face villains like Sven the terrible, the Glutton King or the awful Malabarhomars among many others. But sometimes the adventure will invite itself at home in the village of Flake.


It will then be necessary to count on Vicky's ingenuity to get his friends out of the desperate situations in which they put themselves very regularly. Vic rubs his nose with the index finger and the good idea arises!


The first boxes published in 2020 brought together Vicky with his companions in small format. Today we offer you the hero of the series in a larger size and in a dynamic pose.


Look carefully at the figurine, bring up your childhood memories and you should almost see Vicky rubbing his nose, then snapping his fingers before finishing his gimmick which indicates that he has finally found the right idea to end today's episode !


Digital sculpt : Thomas Choux
Artistic Direction : Arnaud Tanguy
Packaging : Yann Berthonneau

Photos : Nicolas Willmann


Molded, assembled and hand painted.


  ©  2023 Studio 100 Media GmbH -  www.studio100.de - LMZ Collectibles  


Non-contractual visuals (Photos of the prototypes).
This is not a toy. Collectible resin statues intended for adult collectors.

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